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160+ Global Clients

Organization in growth stage where speed & quality of hires matter

10 Countries

Established presence, outreach and network in Europe and India

Data Driven Delivery

Our tools capturing all important candidate data and transform that data into powerful insights

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Data Driven Applicant Tracking Platform for Making Your Hiring Manager Happy 

iClickats is built to help you scale up 4 areas of your organization:


Leverage your Brand - helps you capture candidates movement from the very moment they visit your career site, all the way through the application process. Track and trace anything from Interview No Shows to Offer Declines in simple and easy to use reports.

Engage Candidates - From automated interview reminders to offer roll out and on-boarding you keep candidates engaged throughout their application journey with your organization. 

Excite Hiring Manager - Empower your most important stakeholders with real time data of their jobs and candidates pipeline. Evaluate multiple sourcing channels and put your attention where it is most required.

Analyze and Optimize - From the performance of jobs across Departments, to the time it takes you to hire new joinees, all your hiring questions answered in 1 click.With 15 predefined real time reports and insights iClickats makes the life of hiring teams real fun.

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Hiring Teams are Excited about


iClickats eliminates messy recruitment trackers, captures all your candidates' and jobs data. For a Recruiter who doesn't enjoy number crunching, reporting becomes a piece of cake.

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Clients Love using

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Partnering with was essential for building our Digital XL team of international engineers. We hired 7 different nationalities

Van Lanschot Bank I Iris de G.

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logos both icrowd and iclick.png, for when you had to hire yesterday

Crowdsourcing marketplace, for when you need to hire Fast


3,5 million - From hiring your permanent development team to requiring temporary Experts as onsite or remote Freelancer, delivers interested in your company candidates within hours.

10 Countries - is empowered by a vast partner network of recruitment agencies across multiple European and India locations.

0 Hassle - eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple recruitment channels. You speak only with candidates interested in your opening, within your budget, location and technology expertise.

10 x Faster - uses algorithms for matching candidates and has fully automated delivery. By the time you post your job opening on a job board, you receive matching candidates from

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